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Group Toulouse

N° FINESS : 310781406

Department : Tumorothèque du CHU Toulouse
Hôtel Dieu St Jacques, 2 rue Viguerie
31059 Toulouse cedex 9

>>8284 samples stored <<
 The Tumour Bank of IUCT Oncopôle Toulouse
The development of the infrastructure and projects of the Tumour Bank of the CHU of Toulouse has been possible thanks to the financial support of the CHU Directorate and the Directorate of Hospitalisation and Care Management (DHOS) at the Health Ministry as well as the National Institute of Cancer (INCa) in 2001 and 2005. The tumour bank is run following the recommendations of the French Society of Pathology, the French Society of Haematology, the French Society of Cancer and INCa (November  2006).

The tumour bank of the CHU of Toulouse aims at collecting, freezing, storing and preparing human biological specimens removed during the patient’s treatment and transferred to the laboratories of Anatomo-and Cyto-Pathology of the CHU of Toulouse (Purpan and Rangueil Hospitals). It has a double mission: medical for diagnostic, prognostic and/or therapeutic purposes as well as scientific via its involvement in research projects.

The main collections are:  
Colorectal cancers (tumour / healthy tissue couple) and other malignancies of the digestive tract (pancreas, stomach, liver);
·         Lymph node and cutaneous lymphomas;
·         Melanomas;
·         Foetal tissues (lung, kidney, liver, muscle…);