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Search by disease (based on principal diagnosis)
The main purpose of the GSO virtual biobank is to provide a search-engine for tumor samples saved at each of the GSO Cancéropôle biobanks. The WHO developed, International Classification of Diseases - ICD- tree shown below, shows the numerical distribution of different tumor types in all the GSO biobanks. The 3-D piechart to the right shows the fraction of the selected tumor type as a proportion of all tumor types.

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(C00-D48) : Neoplasms
(C00-C75) : Malignant neoplasms (55083)
(C76-C80) : Malignant neoplasms, secondary and ill-defined (823)
(C81-C96) : Malignant neoplasms, stated or presumed to be primary, of lymphoid, haematopoietic and related tissue (4123)
C81 : Hodgkin's Disease (487)
C82 : Follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (nodular) (397)
C83 : Diffuse non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (395)
C84 : Peripheral and cutaneous T-cell lymphomas (691)
C85 : Other and unspecified types of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (1557)
C86 : Other specified types of T/NK-cell lymphoma (2)
C88 : Malignant immunoproliferative diseases (3)
C90 : Multiple myeloma and malignant plasma cell neoplasms (74)
C91 : Lymphoid leukaemia (145)
C92 : Myeloid leukaemia (232)
C93 : Monocytic leukaemia (27)
C94 : Other leukaemias of specified cell type (18)
C95 : Leukaemia of unspecified cell type (75)
C96 : Other and unspecified malignant neoplasms of lymphoid, haematopoietic and related tissue (20)
(C97) : Malignant neoplasms of independent (primary) multiple sites (1)
(D00-D09) : In situ neoplasms (263)
(D10-D36) : Benign neoplasms (3864)
(D37-D48) : Neoplasms of uncertain or unknown behaviour (794)