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Welcome to Virtuel tumor bank of Cancéropôle GSO

CHU de Bordeaux

CHU de Limoges

CHU de Montpellier

CHU de Nîmes



Institut Bergonié

Compteur 60211 samples are currently listed in Virtual tumor banks of GSO.
Recherche par maladie Recherche multicritères


Last update: November 2017

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The Virtual Tumour Bank of the  Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest allows access to an inventory of the samples stored in each tumour bank of the Greate South-West region, of the University Hospital Centres and Cancer Centres of Bordeaux, Limoges, Montpellier, Nîmes, Poitiers and Toulouse.

 These samples are collected from patients to confirm and accurately characterise their cancer diagnosis, and are therefore stored by the Biobank for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes. These samples can be used for scientific research pending that a number of conditions are met, including the absence of refusal from the person (in compliance with French regulations),. So far, the Biobank-Biological Ressources Center (BRC) is a major tool for cancer treatment and research.

We bring to your attention that samples' transfert remains subject to the acceptance of the biobank's committee and the contractualization terms of the establishment.

 The information of this site is regularly updated following the expansion of the collection of each institution.

Hematological samples are available for consultation !

The 8 Cancer-Biobank of Canceropôle Grand Sud-Ouest (GSO) have been certified by the NF S 96 900 norm.

For this initiative, they identified some high valued frozen tissues collections and associated liquids (targeted collections, completed with medical and/or scientific expertise).

To obtain Biological Resources from the GSO's collections, you may need some help to find the best partner, please contact



(0033)5 82 95 13 97

You will have to complete the specific form and send it back to Maya LAURIOL




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